Indigenous Culture
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The indigenous populations in the world lived in harmony with the environment developing economic, social and spiritual philosophy that were compatible.

With the spread and dominance of material thinking of the western European culture many of these people have suffered greatly over the past 200 years as their homelands have been invaded and destroyed.

The harmonious relationships with Mother Nature is a lesson that the Modern World could take inspiration in the campaign to save the planet from environmental destruction.

It does not make sense to continue the genocide by neglect, apathy or ambivalence let alone the all too often premeditated attack on those wonderfully evolved cultures of the past.

Want to know more about how to help regain support for these cultures?

This site will list all the current projects in the world that are targeted to help indigenous cultures to;

  1. resettle in their ancient environments
  2. develop a hybrid culture respecting the past and live in partnership with the modern world.
  3. utilize solar energy to allow them to survive in an ecologically sustainable way in their unique ancient habitats.

Australian Aborigines

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